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    The wife has a workers comp claim going against Walmart. Repetitive motion caused numerous problems.
    At one point, Walmart told her she could not come back to work until she was 100%, so she collected unemployment for that month.

    She no longer works there. Walmart's lawyer is offering her about $3,000, which is fine with us, as it covers our actual losses.

    Our question is: If we accept the settlement, do we need to worry about paying anything back to her health insurance company, who payed 80% of the bills, and possibly also to unemployment?

    I would think that if the health insurance and unemployment people wanted compensation, they would need to pursue their own claims. Our settlement would not change that, right? We don't want to hire a lawyer for such a small matter.


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    whether it's "small" or not depends on how much they paid.
    you should make sure there is language in the setllement that holds your wife harmless for any liability for the collection of outstanding bills and/or disability payments related to the injury.


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