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    My hand was left partialy disabled. What would you estimate as a settlement?

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    key question, are you able to do your job?
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    Not the job I used to do, but the boss said he'll have me do other light duty work

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    If you have no experience with comp. and what they can do TO you, not FOR you, do not settle for anything, do not take another job, do nothing until you hire a lawyer, and you must interview a number of them.

    The laws here in MA are NOT designed to help you. I've been around this board a long time; I was injured, I'm a nurse, and I got raped by the system with a lawyer.

    Ask lots of questions. You need an accessible lawyer who will return calls. You must get the medical care you need. This is not amateur hour.

    My husband was injured a year ago and for a while he was treated ok to a point; now they are refusing to cover his back injury except for 1 level. They told us to use his health insurance for the rest. If I did not know better or did not have counsel, I'd say that was a fair deal. It isn't. They want to minimize their exposure.

    If you feel you cannot work, or the job they offer you pays less, or they create a job for you, watch out. A created job can disappear and then you have nothing. They can't make you take a job that pays significantly less than what you made.

    Do not focus on the few measly bucks you might get; you have to see the bigger picture, which is your ability to earn a living for the rest of your life and to have your medical bills for your injury covered for the rest of your life if need be.

    Please don't say anything more to them; you are digging yourself into a hole.

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