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    Question FCE

    What's this mean?

    Potential Barriers to return to work
    Unable to fully assess ability to return to work as validated job description was not available; verbal reports from client were used. The client's decreased lumbar mobility and obese abdomen could limit his ability to return to full-duty ( tarping).

    physical return to work options explored:
    other possible job that may be available at the worksite include the route he is on now ( no tarping involved) and dispatching. the client;s abilities would match those demands. based on the client's verbal report of the duties of those jobs.

    Therapist's recommendation regarding return to work
    Although job description was not obtained, based on client report there appears to be a job match, as the only duty he is not performing is the tarping. However, the client needs to be more accountable for his back pain and perform daily exercise to improve his lumbar mobility and overall conditioning so that her will have improved he tolerance for werl activity.

    These Projections are for 10-12 hours a day 5 days a week ar the levels indicated on the FCE grid

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    Dose this mean I have restiction? Like no tarping and no sitting for more than 2 hours at a time. Or the opposite?

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    My opinion:
    it says what you can do.
    it does not say what you cannot do and therefore technically does not qualify and a set of restrictions.
    the implication is there but it's not expressed as clearly as maybe required to justify benefits.


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