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    Default Vocational Retraining For Career Ending Injury

    I have a question about Vocational Rehabilitation Retraining...If my doctor and (FCA) states that I need to be retrained and I have a career ending injury what is included in the retraining?....where do I go to be retrained a College or University?...I'm so confused at this whole process and I seen that the maximum grant is $10,000.00 and that is if your 50% or more disabled.That doesn't seem right.How can anyone get retrained in a decent field or even a field where I could make the same type of money.Most Universities charge at least $3,000.00 per semester and thats not even including books and living costs.I also read that the IC will have to pay my weekly TTD once again until finished with school even though I'm at the end of receiving PPD payments in long can I receive Vocational Retraining for the state of Wisconsin...Thanks!

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    Default Re: Vocational Retraining For Career Ending Injury

    not all vocational rehabilitation situations involve a university or college degree. You need a plan from a professional counselor.
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