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    Default Expedited Hearing

    My Atty. Put in the paperwork for an Expedited Hearing.. Any Idea how long this will take?
    Can I call the WCAB (Where Motion is Filed) I & A officer to see when it will be set for?

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    usually within 60 days but in depends on the board and the workload.
    you can call but there are suppose to screen out calls from those who have an atty.

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    Default Re: Expedited Hearing

    Expediated hearings are 'supposed' to calendar within 30 days.. but as .SH said, it can take 60 or longer... BUT, it also depends on the issue for the hearing. THere are circumstances surrounding an issue where time is of the essence.. a hearing can be scheduled within 10 days or sooner. Where it's a treatment issue and a decision is dependant on the IW getting treatment in an expediated time frame, my AA has been able to get a hearing within 3 days...
    It's easy to get in front of another case...depends on the issue/dispute.

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