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    Default At MMI - What Now?

    My wc doc has told me i have reached mmi. i now have to go for some type of work evaluation. My understanding is that i will be put threw arm movements that represent the type of movements i would be doing on my job. does any one know exactly what this test is for. The doc has not released me from restrictions. says i am as good as i am going to get. so what will this type of testing do for me.

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    Default Re: Mmi. What Now?

    it allows them to evaluate any additional permanent disability benefits.
    here's information on how Oregon calculates permanent partial amounts.
    (it's based on a disability rating done by your doctor)

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    Default Re: At MMI - What Now?

    im not sure about all wc drs....or all states...but based upon my situation...i wanted to ask this question. how long ago was your injury? are you in fact getting better or worse...or no change at all?

    in my wc dr TRIED to put me back to work the very day that i saw her. but i KNEW that i was in no condition to go back to work...i could barely move! and could not perform ANY tasks that she wanted me to do. so, i gave up my job after taking the last LOA that i was entitled to.
    i went through 3 ESI's and 7 visits of PT....just [B]2 weeks[B] after my last ESI, my wc dr rated/released me!! HUH???!!!! i was no where near better, and in fact was getting worse each week. a month later..after suffering horribly for those last 3 weeks...i got it approved for me to see her again....and she was "shocked" to see me so soon! her words were "i didnt think id be seeing you again!!"....well..stupid dr...what did you expect...i wasnt better..and i kept trying to tell you that!!! so ordered a new MRI...and guess what??? it showed that things were definitely worse. so she referred me to a surgeon.

    i later found out that wc PAYS wc drs a certain amount of hurry up and get you back to work and to get rid of you as a patient. when my wc dr rated/released me when she did...its because she was no longer getting "funds"....the amount they had paid her ran she was "working for free on me" thats why she got rid of me so fast.

    this is why i am asking all of these questions....just wanted to make sure that your situation isnt the same as mine. if you arent getting better..or are worse, etc...then this MIGHT be the situation you are in. do you have an attorney?


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