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    Angry Mileage Pay

    Just submitted my mileage for Dr. appointments to Insurance Company and was told by them that IME appointments are not covered. This does not sound correct to me, They are the ones that sent me to these IME's shouldn't they have to pay? Also was told that the mileage used for running to drs to get reports to bring to IME's also was not covered...Anyone know what is and isn't covered???

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    I'm sure milage to IMEs is covered. Not sure about picking up reports, but it should be.
    Jaspell will probably come along with correct answer before too long.

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    Of all the appointments that would be covered, an IME is most certainly covered. As far as picking up the records, that could be up to discussion as I don't believe the statute is clear on that.
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    IME would be covered (using MAPQUEST MILEAGE) but picking up reports, etc would not.

    Give me a shout if you need help.


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    I read the statute, but although it makes reference to medical treatment and "tests", there is nothing about an IME for a disability rating only.

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