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    Default Shoulder Injury Settlement

    I fell in August last year the end result a complete tear to the rotator cuff and another partial tear. I had surgery and 4 months of PT. Now I believe after my next visit to the Dr he is probally gonna cut me lose on a as need basis. My last visit to him a month ago he told me in his words..basically your shoulder is "frozen" since you can not lift it above your head and you have decreased strength also, but stop PT and just do it at home. It's looking as if I will never regain full use of my arm as prior to surgery and I would like to protect myself for the future. I am back to work but I went from being a Detention Officer to a Dispatcher on my on because I was given such a hard time by one of my supervisors that we didnt have "light duty" and heck I needed a check more that what w/c was paying before I lost everything. I would like to try to obtain a settlement how to I go about this and how do you get future medical coverage? Should I obtain an attorney? Any advise I would greatly appreciate! You can also contact me at
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    in order to be eligible for additional benefits you'll need medical determination that you have permanent impairment. discuss your long term needs/problem with your doctor. If believes you will not have complete recovery he should report your permanent restrictions to the carrier.
    you can get more information from the georgia work comp board

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