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    I pray for you and your families' peace. Tragedies occur in life, and it is a part of nature that is never easy. We are with you.

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    Sometimes you have to go through hell to get to HEAVEN!
    Knowledge is a beneficial tool for the injured worker!

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    Well today was my never ending day in HE!! I woke up from a poor nights sleep which has been almost every night since I tore my roter cuff at work with no meds or repair all the way from February. My tire was flat, had a bead cord break and work into the side wall. OH no, no problem but for this is a car that is very hard to find tires for and I had just gotten these special order. Then after getting the car drivable once again with the help of my father in law who is in his 70s now. I find out that work comp is denying my claim attributing the tear is due to age, knowing full well that I am under 40, no smoking or other substance abuse and generally healthy. I work in a saw mill and do very heavy physical intensive work. Now I have no money coming in. I live paycheck to paycheck as all around here do, and now am trying to figure out how the bills will get paid. Good thing we have a good family lawyer. Very stressful and can not even take it out on the fish or any of my other enjoyable out door activities. ARG!!!!!!

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    PurplePuppy, try to hang in there until your attorney can get this worked out for you. I too have had not just one but both of my rotator cuffs torn and surgically repaired. The night time pain is almost always worse than in the daytime. You may want to attempt to get your sleep in during the day and at least you won't be sleep deprived along with miserable from your shoulder injury. Your work history suggests to me that is exactly what caused your shoulder injury, ESPECIALLY considering your age. Let the IC go pound sand. IF your attorney is worth his/her salt you will get an emergency hearing in the WC court and get the medically necessary treatment for your injury. Sorry bunches of crap anyway to do you that way.

    Good luck to you and feel free to come here and vent all you like. That is very much what this site is for along with getting information from other IW's....
    "He who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client"
    Abraham Lincoln

    Take Care and Be Well.

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    I am so sorry for your loss.

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