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    i was forced to do a job that i told my boss i couldnt do when i am under doctor restrictions.I told my boss i couldn't do it and she told me i had to.can i get her in trouble for it?

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    Only if she held a gun to your head.

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    it is your responsibility to make sure that you go by your restrictions. if your employer gives you a problem..go to the person thats above her. tell your employer that you are under drs restrictions for a reason, and that you will abide by those restrictions to reduce risk of further injury!

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    This is a difficult situation. First of all was the job duty given a clear violation of your restrictions. If so then you have every right to refuse. Of course then there are the ramifications one faces for refusing. Chances are it will be considered insubordination.

    One of the factors that makes a difference as to how you handle the situation will be the size of the company. A larger company will typically have levels of supervision for you to appeal or at least discuss the situation. In a smaller operation you may be dealing with "the" boss. It can also make a difference whether you fall under a union.

    As to getting her in trouble I really don't know what kind of trouble you would expect her to get into. You say you were forced. How were you forced? Were threats made? If so what were they? What were your responses? Do you have the restrictions in writing? Has your boss reviewed these restrictions? Was your boss asking you to do a job than normally would be outside of restrictions but was able to accommodate in such a way that you could do it? As you can see there are many questions.

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    they are your restrictions not the employers.
    if you left the job because modified work was no longer availalble you would have been eligible for additional disability.

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