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    Talking Need Lawyer Advice For Out Of State Truckdriver

    hello I am a out of state otr truck driver that was hurt on the job. My company that I worked for is in the state of TN but I lived in New york and have a w/c case from the state of TN . Also just had to move to familys house in PA as I was placed on MMI and no beneifits coming in lost my house . I was was placed on MMI in nov 07 but with a do not return to work note . I was not release to find work until feb 08 but company will not bring me back with limits.(medium duty) While I was unloading the trailer at a stop the load colapsed on me. I have problems with my upper back and can not do any lifting over 15lb . I have talked to a PA lawyer and there is nothing they can do nothing for me as the case is out of state. Still waiting for release papers from doctor and settelment from Just do not know what to do next. I have been looking for just driving job but as soon as I say worker comp they say they do not have anything to offer. If someone could steer me in the right direction would be helpful . thank you.

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    If you would like to speak with me, I am a Tennessee Workers' Compensation attorney, and I would be happy to try to assist you. You can either catch me online through the instant messaging services, or if you want, you can send me a message through the board, and I will provide you with my telephone contact information.


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