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    Default Can I Move Out Of State

    Well I have had all I can take.. I am getting to the point where all I want to do is give up...or share my pain.. I have been fighting these feelings for a long time, as I am sure many of you have... I can not navigate the BWC system I find notes that I wrote to remind myself of things and don't even remember writing them.. I have lost every thing as I am sure many of you have... all I get is denied over and over again..I need to leave the state of Ohio and plan on going to Illinois were I have friends and family before I completely lose my mind..
    My question is will I be able to get a doctors care under Ohio workcomp if I leave the state? I can not think clearly due to depression and constantly being turned down at hearings over and over again for two back injuies and more..I am getting some meds from work comp which keep me alive.. but everything else is or has been denied over the past 3 years..Thanks for your help.. Can I move out of state and still get the medicine and care I need for my injuries?

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    Ohio comp law does not require you to remain in the state in order to receive benefits.

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    yes you can leave the state, but, you have to make them aware of this first, and have address,and doctor set up. and also you think they jerk you around now, after you move out of state then the hassles will be worse. they think then you will not want, or be able to come back for hearings, and of course every thing doctor requests will go to hearing for approvals.

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    You can move out of state. If you have received temporary total or permanent partial disability, your claim has a 10 year statute of limitations.
    This does not guarantee the payment of benefits or compensation, but it does guarantee the right to submit requests for payment and the right to appeal denials.

    Prior to moving, you should attempt to locate a BWC certified doctor in the area to which you are moving. If you can't, call your MCO (or CareWorks), and they should be able to give you a list of BWC certified providers in the state you're thinking of moving to. At that point, you will need to set up an appointment with one (or more) of the doctors on the list. Tell them that you have an Ohio comp claim, give them the year of the injury, and let them know if the claim is medically active (has treatment been paid in the last year?). Ask if the doctor will agree to become your physician of record. Submit a C-23 change of physician form with the doctor's contact information on it. You should be good to go.

    If you require further IMEs (permanent partial, extent of disability, etc.), BWC will find a doctor in your area to examine you. Bear in mind that you get no breaks with the Bureau because you live out of state. Moreover, when you move, all of your hearings from that point forward will be held in Columbus.

    The procedure is pretty much the same if the employer in your claim is self-insured.

    If you don't have an attorney, by the way, now would be the time to try and retain one. That way, if there are hearings in the future, at least your attorney can appear on your behalf.

    Hope this helps.

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