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    Question Hurt In Yuma

    this is all new to me even the computer thing, let start by saying i got hurt while driving a company bus, and a third party was found at fault. i realy dont care aBOUT THE THIRD PARTY THING i do have a good lawer, my problem is i have hernaited c and l disc i have a lot of pain in my left arm along with the loss of feeling, i go for some injections next week and i realy dont know what to expect. also does any one know anything about what i can expect when i return to normal i have to undergo a phicial test that requiers me to pull 125 lbs for 30 feet my doctor said not in this life time is he correct i will work on my spelling i promis u all its just that i realy dont feel real well thank you to each of you and gods speed in your recovery

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    You can find basic information about az work comp from the state website.

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