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    Default Released To Full Duty Work By IME Doctor

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of:illinois


    I need so insight what to do is my short run down.. I hurt my lower back been off work for 6 months then just came back to work light duty.. went to the ime doctor monday and tuesday my director of nursing called me saying i was released by the ime doctor " back to work full duty no restrictions". . they already made the appointment for the treating doctor so i went today. my doctor put me to 4 hours light duty with no lifting at all..
    if i will follow there doctors order to go back to work with no restriction? what will happen? if i will follow ?
    but wc will not pay me if i will follow my treating doctors. i mean the other 4 hours.. but i know i can't work with full duty work.. i tried it last night.. i was in hell of pain... and now my treating doctor said " He believe and his sure that there is something wrong with me". .

    can someone give me an idea what is the best thing i have to do..

    i think the ime doctor put me to mmi.. no more further treatment

    hope someone can give me an idea..

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    Default Re: Need Help.. Pls

    You have to speak w/ your attorney, TODAY! You are likely heading towards a hearing. Nothing seems right or fair in this w/c system. I'm not too familiar w/ the IL laws, but in Hawaii, my PCP overrides the IME doctor. I don't understand why you wouldn't receive the difference in TPD payments from the IC. I am told by my lawyer it's possible the IME could release me full duty, against my PCP's wishes.

    Based on your injures (similar to mine), you could very likely make your back worse if you go against your PCP advice and light duty restrictions. This is something you need to get feedback on from your lawyer.

    Your IME doctor sounds like superman if he can make all of these determinations based on a FIVE minute appt w/ you. CRAZY!!!

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    Default Re: Need Help.. Pls

    i know.. i spoke with my lawyer today. he gave me some i can follow with the ime doctor or with my treating doctor with light duty.but i dont want to my back worst.. i am suffering enough already.. and my doctor wants me to get a myelogram with dye in L5 and S1. so i don't know how will that be possible .. i just got back my insurance and i switch to ppo so that i can go anywhere i want.. my lawyer said he set up for hearing already. but he can't assure me how long will be two months or so.. so i have to work for 4 hours and thats it.. that four hours can't pay my bills.. lol..

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