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    Exclamation Wrist, Hand Fusion

    I was hurt in the coal mines back in 2006. I fratcured my wrist and was told it was a scaphlod fratcure, The doctor that treated me told me i was fine and released me back to work 2 weeks later. I called my comp adjuster and told him what had happend, He told me not to worry t5hat he would find me another doctor to get a secound oppinoun.
    When i did see a doctor 8 weeks later my fracture had turned into a nonunion fracture requireing surgery, I 've had several surgeries finialy resulting in a total wrist fusion. I have had my weekly benifits from day one and now after this last surgery my doctor tells me that i cant return to my line of work,and that i will have a permenet disibility. Workers comp wants to settell with me for well frist they offered me 54,000 and i turned that down and then they offered me what i asked for, Witch was 80,000 cash plus 2 years of collage and medical for life.
    Now the funny thing is, is that i have not had my disibility rating yet, or my impairment rateing. My claim adjuster said they would give me 12% just on what they can see on my records and what i say.
    My question is dose that sound like they know i can get twice that amount or are they just trying to hury thing along? I have no attornoy repersenting me at this time.
    Any information on this would be helpfull!!!!!

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    I am in a very, Very simmilar situation with a wrist fusion-screwed for life!!! Lost a great job where I made allot of money. WCB, has stopped paying me my normal rate of 65,000@year ( which is considerately less than I made at my job) and is now only paying me 12,000@year. I can't work for more than 8-12 dollars an hour now, and can't live off of that. Any of this stuff sound familiar? lol. I have recieved no settlement of any kind, and my claim has been going on for SIX years now!! I broke it in 2002, and LIKE YOU, the Doctors pushed me away. I ended up being Forced to work with a broken wrist for the next 4-5 years, untill Dr.Bowen, finally figured it out. Kinda late to fix it now, dont ya think? Well, I had my wrist fusion a year and a half ago. I cant write, driving (holding onto the steering wheel for long periods of time) hurts. Everything hurts. WCB them selves, have limited me to no more than 25lbs of lifting on a regular basis. I'm in pain all the time. Try finding another job, or even something I could do in school.
    Anyways, I would consider getting a lawyer !!!!!! Think of the loss of wages from your last job. All the money you COULD be making. Not to mention the impact that having a wrist fusion has on your life. I think they are low balling you.

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    Default Re: Wrist, Hand Fusion Please Help!!!

    they know more about the system then you; it's not a fair negotiation.
    level the playing field by getting more information. Contact the work comp ombudsman for help:

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