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    Default Why Does Medicaid Need To Be Repaid

    I appreciate the help I have received. I also apologize for not quite "getting" the info you have gave me.

    I need to get this case settled before we end up homeless! But before I settle this week, I need to know is there any reasonable explanation for the amount that Medicaid paid for services related to my injury to be repaid off the top of my settlement??
    Once again, my lawyer has made it sound as if this is "the way it is to be handled" and it is his legal responsibility to pay them.

    On Monday morning I do intend on calling him and asking, "why am I paying back Medicaid out of my settlement anyway?".....And yes, they are legitimate work related medical expenses.

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    Default Re: Help, I Am Running Out Of Time

    medicade is not workers comp insurance and does not pay for work injuries. if they did pay bills that later turn out to be for work comp injuries they are entitled to be repaid by the work comp carrier.
    generally settlements are negotiated to include money to repay lien holders like medicade. Your settlement amount should have been increased to allow medicade repayment from the settlement.

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