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    If I have to repay medicaid for my personal (and families) medical, is there a allowable amount of assets? And what is the retroactive rules?
    Please help! Nobody told me this, not my attorney or case worker or priority health medicaid! I am in tears, and I am tring to find this info on 1 computer and my dad is on another.

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    The only Medicaid to pay back is the work related injury bills that should of been payed by the WC. I'm not a pro so you should double check that.

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    Medicare is Federal Medicaid is state. If when you got Medicaid because of your income was low at that time. Not sure what you signed but seems that only would be for your WC bills if that is the case. Once you get the money then your income for the year could be to high to get medicaid that year. Medicaid does not count what you might get. It's only that if and when you get money that want paid for work related bills. If you did not get any money then you would not owe them because there is no money from a work injury.

    Even if you did not get medicaid for your daughter she would get MIChild if she has no insurance and you can not get it or afford it. My family of 3 kids & myself. My kids get MIChild because they have no insurance & I am not low income. No matter how many kids it's $10.00 a month and they get 100% medical and dental paid but you have to go to the doc. in you area that take MIChild which is the same ones that take medicaid. So I don't see why medicaid would make you pay back those bills being she would get the other anyways.

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