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    Default What Happens At A Pre-Trial

    Does anyone know what happens at a pre trial? All I know is its going before the magistrate this next time in July. It states I dont have to be there. We have had 2 mediation dates that I havent had to be in attendance for either, and now the pre trial. All we are asking for is unpaid medical expenses and lawyer fees, so what is the hold up with the other side???

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    each state has their own work comp court and rules.
    generally a pretrial is a last attempt to get the parties to resolve or settle the issue.

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    If you live in your state go to all your hearings that way there will be a reason to keep you informed on the spot, On my first hearing my attorney told me I didn't have to appear and than he didn't appear either. he said it wasn't necessary to appear for either of us, yet he promised to go. it's way to important to leave it to someone who has done so many cases that you no longer have a face to him or a family to feed.

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