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    Default Going To FCE

    Going for FCE in couple of weeks Dr. already said i will have permanent restrictions with reagrds to overhead work when is the right time to contact a lawyer?

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    when benefits are being delayed or denied and you don't want to handle the dispute yourself.

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    Should of contacted one along time ago but since you haven't do it ASAP I have had a FCE already done that wc and nurse say that the doctor never wrote permanent restrictions which he told me that he was and according to records of his it never really says either way. So I am still fighting had FCE done December of 07 and still messing with it. Now they are sending me to another IME doctor tomorrow so we will see how this goes. I never contacted one until about 2 months ago and I wish I would of done it sooner.

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    never too early or too late to get FREE ADVICE.

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    If you would like for me to review your case for you, please let me know. You can send me a private message or an email through the board, and I'd be happy to discuss your case with you. If you'd like me to call you, leave a phone number, and I can speak with you directly.

    Thanks, and best of luck with your case.


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