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    Default Nerve Damage After Nerve Block

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: Louisiana

    I had shoulder surgery 8 months ago and now my neck is killing me. They did a nerve block in my neck before surgery and They dug all around trying to find the right spot. For some reason when they were digging around it was hurting in my back on my shoulder blade and that is where it hurts now. I had no pain there previously. Will WC cover this to? Has anyone had a problem like this from a nerve block? Thanks

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    Default Re: Nerve Damage After Nerve Block

    if the doctors says it's related to the back treatment then it'll be included.

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    Default Re: Nerve Damage After Nerve Block

    Thanks .SH, Would it be a new claim? I have reached MMI and am waiting on an impairment rating on 5/12/08. would this postpone my settlement?

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    Default Re: Nerve Damage After Nerve Block

    Bilde, if your PTP verifies that you have secondary nerve damage as a result of the nerve block, then this would be considered a "compensable consequence" of your original, accepted industrial injury.

    Even though you MAY have been deemed MMI, IF the nerve damage from the nerve block is NOW such that you are AGAIN medically unstable, then your PTP needs to determine if you are NOW actually TTD, and submit the appropriate reporting documents to your CA/IC.

    IF you are INDEED TTD at this point, then YES, this change of status could potentially affect any settlement offers that the IC may have been entertaining when you were previously deemed MMI. IF you are INDEED TTD, then YOU should NOT consider settling your case UNTIL it has been MEDICALLY determined by your PTP what the extent of any FURTHER PD may have occurred as a result of the nerve block, and what, if any, Future Medical care is recommended. This can NOT be determined UNTIL you have reached MMI from this "compensable consequence" injury to your shoulder/back....

    Here in Calif, rather than submitting another claim for a new injury, the proper procedire would be to "Amend" the Application of Adjudication that was originally filed at the WCAB.

    If you have an attorney, he should do this for you, otherwise if you are unrepped, you can do it yourself.... contact the Information and Assistance Officer (or Ombudsman, if that is what they are called in your State), and they be able to advise you as to the proper procedure in YOUR State.
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