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    Default Should I Hire A Lawyer?

    question...i am a workers comp patient from a car accident in march 2006. my comp has paid for everything i ever needed, and never had one problem with them. they even reimbursed me for a palm pilot.

    anyway...i now have a prosthesis, as i had my left leg amputated about the knee. this was just a couple months ago in feb. im done with therapy, as i "graduated." i see my primary, the surgeon, once a month, but thats only due to state law, that i have to see him once a month. he said i normally wouldnt really have to. i do see my prosthesis (or however its spelled!) once a week or so...for adjustments. im thinking my case will be closing soon.

    and..ive never had a lawyer. i plan on getting one for the settlement offers, but i havent had any offers. when will i start receiving them generally? also, will i really need one? from the charts i see i will get 50 months of my salary times 55 percent. (crap, basically)...can a lawyer do better? or can i do worse? help!!!

    and thank you in advance!!!


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    Default Re: Should I Hire A Lawyer?

    Sounds like you've had good success w/ treatment. May be due to the obvious liability and treatment options. The system is so complex, I couldn't imagine going through this w/o my attorney, but I haven't had the same good fortune and really saw my issues improve w/ the aid of a professional.

    It seems like it would be wise to have some guidance through the final stages to make sure you're getting the right settlement, especially in regards to future medical treatment. Couldn't hurt to call a few and see what they have to say. Good luck!

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