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    Question Federal Workers Comp Are There Time Limits To Respond?

    I am approved for 5 ICD codes by Federal Workers Compensation. I was off work for Jan and Feb due to much pain in my jaw and surrounding muscles from approved stress related TMJ. My caseworker supposedly approved my time off, then in mid Feb told me her supervisor wanted me to see another physician and that she would send me a letter. I still have never received that letter, but did make appointments immediately with the type of doctor they wanted me to see. However, this type of doctor, an orthopedist, isn't trained to diagnose or treat TMJ. I sent her the doctors notes (I went to 2). both of them felt they could not say much about TMJ, so speculated about my neck and shoulder and said my TMJ is left to my Tmj dentist, but that I needed to have Jan and Feb off due to neck muscles being aggravated. Along with that, I sent 23 pages to show who actually treats TMJ and other information. Still haven 't heard from her. Other employees in my office also have had to wait 3 months for a letter to approve anything. I want to know why there isn't a time deadline for these caseworkers to comply with to respond to us? I know I can contact my congressperson, but I heard they use that against you. Treatment is getting paid, but have not gotten paid for my time off work. I also have approved feet problems (surgeries that went bad) and my Podiatrist wrote 2 months ago that my case needs to be transferred to a physical medicine doctor and pain management specialist as I have limped for 10 years. He also requested a nurse be assigned to my case. No answer for that either. From this message board, I clicked on a link to the DOL site and read that a dentist does qualify as an approved physician for related specialties. Anyone know about TMJ and time limits for caseworkers to respond?
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