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    Question Returned To Same Job But ...

    some background for everyone .......

    June of 2005 I was injured in an auto accident while working (tractor-trailer driver) and in December of that same year I underwent a spinal fusion as a result of injuries sustained.
    In July of 2006 I returned to my job with slight modifications. Over the course of the past couple of years I have continued medical treatment in the form of psych therapy having been diagnosed with PTSD. Roughly a month ago I visited with a psychiatrist who will be giving me my medical impairment rating (psychological) shortly.
    Here's where it gets both interesting and confusing .......
    it is my current psychologist's opinion as well as the previously mentioned psychiatrist's opinion that I not continue in this line of work, period. I suffer from acute anxiety and road rage w/ panic attacks among other things. In short, I will not be able to continue in a profession I have been in for the past thirteen years.
    Now my question(s). Will the multiplier cap be applied when figuring my settlement? If I understand the system correctly the 1.5 multiplier cap is applied to the employee who is able to return to his job at time of injury. The confusing question for me is since I will have to leave this career due to my PTSD does the cap stay in effect or not?

    Thanks in advance as ALL opinions are welcome!

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    Default Re: Returned To Same Job But ...

    Your case seems to be far more complex than can adequately be addressed on the board. I will send you a private message with my contact information, if you would like to speak with me about your case in more detail.

    One thing I can definitely suggest is not to accept any proposed settlement without first speaking with an attorney.

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