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    Thumbs up Medical Marijuana - Yes Or No

    This was a hot topic during the Presidential debates at the outset of the hopeful campaign trails of our campaigners. The debate has since subsided but the facts of medical marijuana are still to be reckoned with. The truth that marijuana helps individuals who have continuous pain from injuries concurred from on-the-job injuries, car wrecks, or personal injuries is an absolute truth. Whereas the effects of prescription drugs are addictive and seldom take away the pain, medical marijuana has been proven to be non-addictive and aids in the recovery of patients, the use of the 'drug' is still prohibited in 40 of our 50 states. The DEA has the federal approval to raid, bust, bus, incarcerate, sentence and house individuals who properly treat with the 'drug'. The fact that the pros of the drug out-weigh the cons the federal government will not decriminalize use of its benefits and stimulus to those in pain.

    The DEA and federal agents who raid, bust, bus, incarcerate, etc., would do good to spend their time going after would be doctors who over prescribe oxycontin, hydrocodone and other narcotics to persons who cash in the lucrative illegal prescription drug craze, not to mention the trade of illicit drugs. More people die each week from prescription drug over-doses (3.5 people die each week - thats about 180 per annum - form these over doses) than have died in the last year from marijuana overdoses which are usually in concert with illicit drug use: heroin, cocaine, et cetera.

    So, what do you say? How does everyone else feel?

    Thumbs up >< Thumbs down?
    I have been doing Georgia Workers' Compensation for a little more than 6 months now. I am not a lawyer but I have been doing paralegal work for more than 9 years now and I am familiar with Georgia and Federal Statutes. I am wiling to help anyone that posts a question in general from any state; however, I can quickly and accurately quote Ga law for anyone dealing with WCC in Ga. Please post your Ga WCC on the Injured Workers Forum for Ga if you have a claim in this state or need to file one.

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    Default Re: Medical Marijuana - Yes Or No

    Im in California , so Im going to be a tad more liberal. Im a mmj patient. I find much greater relief with cannabis than with pharmacuticals

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    Default Re: Medical Marijuana - Yes Or No

    A lot of these threads you are posting to are years old...
    It would be best, for you, and others who wish to respond, it you'd begin a thread of your own, in Calif, with specific questions if or when you have them... certainly welcome to add to any thread where there is current discussion. Older threads may not be relevant in todays WC arena...

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