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    Default Insurance Company Not Paying Any of Past Claim

    I have been on WC for about three years now. WC insurance has refused to pay surgery bills, certain prescription costs, mileage, and errors in wages since the beginning of this travesty. I have immaculate records and they have accepted accountability for all injuries that I received.
    When I returned to work they stopped my payments which I expected and after their Dr. examined me it took them eight months to be begin partial payments which were for the wrong amount. I finally hired an attorney and I thought that this would probably change their thinking.
    Due to the fact that i am now earning 1/4th of my previous wages I was unable to pay for the surgeries and tests myself so they have been placed on my credit report.
    After admitting that they are liable for the injuries WC now refuses to pay for any physician visits and prescriptions. My attorney has sent the same documents to the adjuster three times and we have been told that they have lost them twice, these were emailed to the adjuster.
    I took out personal insurance on myself and have been paying the premiums and copays and WC even refuses to pay the copays. I am not angry about this, I am just frustrated to no end. It has begun to affect my present job performance and I really don't know how much longer my present employer will retain me.
    Does anyone know how to access the information on how to force WC to just do their job and what penalties can be levied against them? I have searched the labor commission website for months and it is nothing but confusing if you are not an attorney.
    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    Default Re: Insurance Company Not Paying Any of Past Claim

    the courts make decisions and findings and have the authority to enforce their orders. get a court order and go back to court for enforcement when the carrier delays.

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