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    Smile FCE Test Complications

    I took the FCE test a few weeks ago and it came back with some problems, saying that there were many things that had inconsistencies with each other, in other words, I guess they think I failed to do my best on that stupid test. He said I had issues with the hands and overhead lifting, but then he continued with the fact that I could be released to a full duty aspect. Does this make any sense and how could he do that? Why couldn't I just redo the test? He is jsut ignoring the fact that I could have problems. Is he afraid of Malpractice??

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    Default Re: FCE Test Complications

    No he's not afraid of malpratice because he isn't treating you remember there is no relationship between you he probably rambled on this subject prior to the FCE.

    also dont forget who paid for the test! I am sure it wasn't someone on your side!

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