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    My husband was seriously injured at work - 3 hip fractures and a broken upper right arm. He had emergency surgery on the arm where they put a 9inch plate to help with the break. He was off of work for 3 months for the hip portion as he was not allowed to move for the recovery. He is now back to work (light duty) and the arm DR wants him to do physical therapy three times a week. His employer says he has to do it on his own time and that as well as Drs visits will not be paid on company time. Is this true? Does he have to make the appts on his own time?

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    workers comp only pays for disability not medical leave.
    he can use work time and either take accrued leave or unpaid; its up to the employer as to what they offer.

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    Have him request a modified work schedule to allow for the PT and Dr's appts. I worked from 5:30 to 12noon in order to do PT 3X per week and 2 appts w/ my PCP. I worked w/ my direct supv and was accommodated.

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