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    Default Tennis Elbow and WCI

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: GA

    I have been working at my job for about 9 months now and sometime after i started i began to have pain near my elbow that shot straight down my arm. I had never experienced this before so i thought it was just sore muscles but when i looked up on the internet what the pain might be, i found out it was tennis elbow. I work in warehouse picking products to be shipped for 10hrs a day, now i have gotten to the point where picking things up causes me pain. It has affected my job production and doing my job has become difficult.

    What advice i need is should i say something to my job or should i go to my doctor and speak to a lawyer? I just don't wish to go through all the hassle that people have gone through dealing with workmans comp Ins. I do not wish to lose my job and I can't afford to be out of work. I do not know what to do. Some people may say to look for different type of work but it's hard to find a job here where i can get paid what i do make. any suggestions anyone? please help.

    I shall be leaving to work here soon and starting another painful day at work.

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    Default Re: Tennis Elbow and WCI

    WC laws vary by state, and are specific...

    As a rule, if you have sustained a injury at work you are required to report this to your ER/employer. It is not the EE/employee option to treat through the WC system or on their own IF this is a work related injury/illness.

    You will be seen by their doctor, as usually the ER has the opportunity to control the medical during the first 30 days (sometimes longer) The ER/IC has a right to this.

    Even IF your injury is partly due to a pre-exsisting condition/illness, which the ER/IC will claim due to your short employment period, they cannot 'apportion' the medical treatment to this injury.

    Your doctor may take you off work for a time, in that case you would be entitled to wage loss/TTD benefits...OR you could be restricted to 'light duty' while conservative treatment/diagnosis and a treatment plan is there could be TPD/Temp Partial Disabilty benefits due.

    IF your ER cannot provide light duty, or modified/alternative work, return to your PTP and s/he should put you on full TTD benefits.

    In any event, you should report this injury to your supervisor immediately, as continuing to perform your 'usual/customary' job duties could cause more harm to your arm/elbow... 'self diagnosis' on the internet can be a good source of information, but not a good idea...only a medical professional/DOCTOR should issue a diagnosis to your condition/injury...

    The GA board is probably the best place for your posts/questions, as the people there would be more familiar with your issues...
    Good luck to you...
    Report that injury today ...!

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    Default Re: Tennis Elbow and WCI

    you need medical evidence to support a connection between your injury and your job. Have it checked out by your doctor if you are unsure. Then report it to your employer and follow the comp rules about treatment,00.html

    the longer you wait the more difficult it will be to have them accept it.

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    Default Re: Tennis Elbow and WCI

    You need to file your first report of injury within 30 days of knowledge or you risk loosing compensability to the injury. (See Rule 61 pg7 here

    The EE is required to report the injury, the ER/IC is required to provide treatment...the IW DOES NOT need to build evidence to support the injury (AOE/COE) prior to filing a claim for benefits under the ER's WC plan/policy.
    Workers Compensation is still a ''no fault'' system.

    IF the ER/IC determines to deny a claim for benefits it would be upon THEM to provide the medical evidence to support the denial.
    That same url will take you to the 2008 rules governing provision of WC benefits in the state of GA.
    What you are looking for should begin around Rule 200/pg 31

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    Default Re: Tennis Elbow and WCI


    You should report it to you employer! I understand not wanting togo through what many on here are dealing with but you need to see a doctor and your employers has the right to know this is affecting your productivity. If you don't tell them and let it continue you can loose you job to lack of productivity and that would be through no ones fault but your own.

    Once you see the doctor it may just be a pinched nerve! It could also mean you need ulnarnerve transpostion which I have had and missed only 2 days of work. It wasn't because of a work accident it was just there. Don't jump to conclusions, it will only cause you more stress!

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