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    Question Medications

    I was wondering if someone can tell me what my chances are in winning my

    SSDI case if I am not taking any medications for pain other than over the counter

    medications? It seems everything my doctor prescribed I have had problems with

    because the side effects out way the good effects! I seem to have more

    problems with stomach upset because of my GERD. So now what do I do? So

    it is more of a issue for me to just deal with the pain. Yes! It sucks but what

    choice do I really have? I have to see my doctor next month and I am hoping

    to get a referal to a Acupuncturist. I have been told this does help quite a

    bit. I will have to wait and see. I figured now that my WC is settled and that

    is on the back burner now comes the big one! It has me nervous.

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    Default Re: Medications ?

    i don't think in any of the SSDI regulations there is a requirement that you have a prescription for medication in order to be approved for benefits.

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    Default Re: Medications ?

    I used to eat Rolaids and Tums like candy to control my heartburn, like 10 a day, or one big bottle a week. Chewing lots of sugarfree gum alleviated most, if not all, of my acid reflux. I think something with the constant saliva swallowing re-regulated my digestive system, or something like that.

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