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    Despite being told by insurance company IME doctor that I need fusion surgery on lower back, there is a dispute between the medical testimony of my PTP and the IME doctor. (Which I expected.) IME says I can do sedentary work, PTP says restrictions are many and that even sedentary work is questionable.
    Have a final hearing soon and IC has requested an expert medical advisor to ring in. This is allowed per Florida WC statute 440, when there is a conflict of testimony. Does anyone have any experience regarding EMAs? Are they truly neutral? Can a 10-minute exam by IME doctor overrule my PTP, who has been treating me for 2 years?
    Thanks for any and all help.

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    It is an Expert Medical Advisor. When there is a dispute then any party can request an EMA. Per the Statute this doctor's opinion is the one the Judge must rely on to render his decision. The Judge is the one who picks the doctor and it is from a list provided by the State of doctors who have agreed to perform these types of examinations. Neither party can contact the doctor and discuss the case with them. All they can do is send the medical records. The Judge will do the list of questions that need to be answered. For both parties it is a risk to have one done. Generally these examinations are much more detailed than a normal IME.

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    ADJ, thanks for the info. It's really appreciated.

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