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    Question Waiting Period for Comp Benefits and Other

    My husband was injured at work and it took his manager 2 months to file for workers comp. She also recorded over the video of the incident. The company hasn't been cooperative at all (i.e. not returning phone calls, sending time sensitive messages about his claim to his work email even though he had no access). His WC company has asked him to see a doctor of their choosing. And today we received a certified letter stating "The WC pay adjustments to recover the double payments received by his company and WC company were not able to be completed since you began your Unpaid Leave of Absense on certain date. The gross amount remaining to be paid to his company is $XXX.

    IS there anything that can be done about the lack of promptness in filing the claim? I know the state of VA says 7 days to file, but what happens if they don't file in 7 days? And what about recording over the tape? Also, what should he expect from the WC doctor? Should we contact a lawyer before going? And what does this new letter about double payment mean?

    Thank you!

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    HI, believe me i am not a expert as others on this board, but my company tired to tell me that I could not use my Vacation or sick time because it was double payment when i first got hurt, I contacted the district manger office and found out that I could use it according to company policies, What you need to know is youre husbands company policy,, if that is possible to find out.. I am not sure on the time limit for them to file but i do know that regaurdless you need ot file with Virginia Workers Compensation if you have not already. I do not know of his company's policy but i found out a week later that my company does not file with Virginia Workers Comp for me, that it is up to me. I will try to look up some info for you and try to post back. but my sugestion is you do not have one yet is to seek a attorney.. but be aware that you need to make sure they are on youre side i have had a time with mine, i have been injured over 5 years ago and i am still fighting.. I do know that you have to be out a total of 21 days with most company things before you can recieve payment for the entire time you have been out including the first 7 days..

    I wish you the best of luck for it is a long journey for most pray that youre journey will not be as long.. if I come up with anything, I will let you know, but one key things to remember the workers comp doctors do not have youre best interest at heart remember that, they are out for the one paying the bills and the more they save the companies the more they get a kick back..

    Many Prays for yall

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