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    Default Real Time Frame on Settlement

    Hi I hope that someone can help me. I was injured on 09/05 (herniated disks in neck x3). I have been getting payments though not the full 400 even though I made enough to be eligible for the full amount. I will now jump ahead to May of 07 I told my lawyer that I wanted to settle the case about 3 weeks after that I got a letter from nysif saying that need a life expectancy letter from my MD (because of preexisting medical conditions x2) I got the letter from my MD and gave it to my lawyer a few days later my lawyer called back and told me over the phone that I still need a MD to address the last pre existing medical condition but tentivly the nsif would settle for 38k with one condition addressed or around 98k if both were addressed I got another letter addressing both preexisting conditions and it stated that I was expected to live 5 years or more. I asked my lawyer when I could expect a settlement offer I was told around 4 to 6 months that would be around December of 07 Dec comes my lawyer tells me it will be a little longer In January of 08 I get a letter from nsif saying that I have to go see there ima to establish my disability I get the ima report back and he says that I have a marked permanent partial disability. In June of 08 I get a letter from the wcb saying I have a hearing on July 2 to establish degree of disability I also got a letter from the md that is treating my neck injury saying that I have a 75% disability. About a week after the hearing I get a letter from the wcb saying that my classification is 75% now my lawyer is telling me another 6 months before settlement. This is all that I have been hearing another 4 to 6 months for the last 1 1/2 years. I am hoping someone could give me a real time frame

    Thank You

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    Default Re: Real Time Frame on Settlement

    At least you HAVE a time frame... I've been waiting for that too.

    The NYSIF dont want to throw out 100k. Obviously, they will hold back and take as long as they can.

    Also, press ENTER to make paragraphs and make your posts easier to read.

    It seems (to me) that you're ok and on track for settlement. I'm waiting for mine now that PPD has finally been established.

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