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    Default We Can Sue Comp Commisioners in Federal Court

    We can sue Connectiut Workers Compensation Commisioners in Federal Court.

    Here is the first CT WC HEROS and looking for others. Each sued present Workers Compensation Chairman John Mastropietro and former Chairman Jesse Frankl in all places, US Federal CT District Court, 141 Church St. New Haven, CT. I spent the afternoon there today researching the following cases.

    Hero # 1 is Ben F. Gyadu of Waterbury, file no. 3:98CV01120-WWE. (1998) Seems he missed the Compensation Review Board appeal by a day or so and they shut him out entirely and he filed so many federal cases they banned him from filing any more without the courts permission. (can they do that?). This case is closed and can someone get access to it?

    Hero # 2 is Randy Patrick of Wethersfield filed a Federal Lawsuit against Connecticut Workers Compensation Chariman Jesse Frankl. (1995). The case is closed and costs about $ 75.00 to even have a peek from archives. Anyone on “Starvation Therapy” that can show financial hardship to open these case and share them? Case 3:95 CV 01413-PCD also in New Haven.

    Hero # 3 is Sally Tandet sued her employer Continuing Care of Greater Stamford, Connecticut and Chariman Jesse Frankl 1998 in Federal Court 141 Church St. New Haven CT. Case (3:98 CV-02036 JBA). Also closed and located in records. To get these four cases will be expensive. Does anyone have knowledge how to get them for cheap?

    Hero # 4 is Linda Ayres of Stratford sued her employer and Chairman John Mastropietro in New Haven CT Federal District Court. No information available as it is closed 12-27-00., Case 3:99CV-02542-JCH. Need help pulling this record also.

    Hero # 5 is Ann Wright-Khan and the case was just filed July 2008 and looks hot. She is suing Connecticut Workers Compensation Chairman John Mastropietro. This one is a real tear jerker. Looks like Workers Compensation beat her down and then some more beating just for practice. Practice Beating is different from the Ben Gyadu case where the beating appears solely for fun. From what I read, she badly needs support as like Hero # 1,2,3 and 4, Ann has represented herself. I have her number and will be calling her soon.

    So, what have we learned. We can sue them in Federal Court. Let’s go!

    ps. Starvation Therapy is what you get from the Insurance Company in lieu of any monetary benefit.

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    Default Re: We Can Sue Comp Commisioners in Federal Court

    I spoke recently with Ann. I don't know what to say. She was more concerned with my WC issues.

    I guess I can tell you this. She did not know there were other Connecticut Workers Compensation Cases that have sued the Connecticut Chairman John Mastorpietro in New Haven Federal Court.

    Can you believe it. She put her lawsuit together herself. My afternoon at Federal Court was not wasted but for the ability to have given her these cases to reference.

    Singularly they can beat us, but not together.

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