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    Default Broken Leg and Ankle

    I recently broke my leg and ankle at work. I had something fall on me and it was not my fault. I've been off two months and am getting ready to go back to work. I was wondering if I need a lawyer and what kind of settlement I should except, if any. Thanks for any info.

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    If you haven't suffered any permanent impairment, I doubt that you would qualify for any type of settlement.
    Do you have work restrictions put in place by your treating physician? Are you going to need future medical care? Were you paid temporary disability benefits?
    Work injuries don't always end up with a "settlement." Some of the more educated members of this forum may ring in with different advice/suggestions.
    Hopefully you are fully recovered from your injuries and are able to get on with a healthy, employed life. Good luck.

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    Also, when it comes to workers compensation, it does not matter whose fault it was. If you were at fault, you are still covered. If your job was at fault, you are still covered. Now, if there was a defective ladder, forklift, etc., you may have a third-party tort claim, but be aware, if this is done, the IC will seek to recoup monies they paid out to you. No "double dipping" is allowed.

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    Depends in Mo. "no-fault" new regulations, drunk, safety violations, horseplay? Many other new laws may now come into play.

    2 months since your injury? Keep ALL your medical records caused by your work related injury. Just in case your rehabilitation doesn't quite go according to Hoyle, and your not back to your old self.

    You have 2 years from DOI to file a claim.
    Injured worker learning to live again. Not a lawyer, just a disabled individual with an opinion a person can opt to listen to or ignore.

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