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    Default How Many Steroid Injection is Recommanded?

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: washington
    i had 1 steroid injection i was filling better after 3 weeks my doctor release me to light duties but when i return to work i couldn't make it at all all back back was hurting i went back to my doctor now he want me to take a second steroid injection
    i want to know
    what is the side effect for steroid injection?
    how many injection is recommanded ?
    what gonna happen with my claim if i refuse to take this second injection?

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    Default Re: How Many Steroid Injection is Recommanded?

    I can only answer one of your questions.

    3 shots. However, if the second one doesn't work, they won't do the third one.

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    Default Re: How Many Steroid Injection is Recommanded?

    I will tell you what too many steroid shots did to me BUT keep in mind this is only ME and you have to research your own situation. In 1999 I had an MRI that showed a herniated disc. My doctor sent me to a pain management doctor for injections. Keep in mind this was the beginning of my "back" journey so I was not educated. For the next 12 months that doctor plugged me full of steroids way beyond the recommended 3 shots. Of course none of the shots did any good because my disc was my problem not the facets he injected but back to the steroid question.................I started having horrible symptoms. No doctor would say it was steroids but I knew it was. I did my own research, diagnosed myself and went to my regular physician with it. He confirmed my diagnosis. It is called Erythema nodosum. It took a full year for the stuff to get out of my system and the symptoms to subside. 9 years later I again hurt my back and went in for a total of 4 injections over an 18 month period. The shots did give me relief but gee wiz..............I now have the symptoms of too much steroids. I am sure everyone is different but my point is......please please be careful with these injections. I can personally say at the time I would have done anything to get rid of some of the pain but I persoannly cant take the stuff.............good luck and kudos to you for checking before moving forward with more...i wish i had a long time ago

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    Default Re: How Many Steroid Injection is Recommanded?

    Dem, you NEED to discuss the steroid injections with your PTP! YES, there ARE CONSEQUENCES for having TOO MANY INJECTIONS, and if you and your Doctor agree that the "risks outweight the benefits", and decide NOT to have the second or even third injection, I do NOT think the IC can make a big deal out of it!!! After ALL, THEY are on the HOOK for any "compensable consequences" and increased PD IF you DO have ADDITIONAL medical problems/injuries as a RESULT of the injections.....

    Good luck, and keep us posted!

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    Default Re: How Many Steroid Injection is Recommanded?


    I had over 12 shot of cortisone in my arm and wrist in about a years time. When I had them I was young and didn,t know any better. My face started swelling alot and when I would tilt me head down my nose would start just gushing out blood. I,m not a person that usually has nose bleeds. Then when I finally had surgery on my arm for tennis elbow the cortisone made my bone all gritty and the doctor had to shave my bone down quite alot. It also messed up my muscle and the had to remove a bit more than usual. As soon as I quit the cortisone shots the nose bleeds stopped. My arm will never be the same but I don,t really know if it is because of the shots or the surgery.I don,t know what other side effects it causes.Bur I don,t like the stuff!

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