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    Default Lost Finger Compensation?

    I lost my left middle finger in a work related injury a couple weeks back. how much should I get in the WC settlement? Also, I am getting the max weekly pay of $393, is there any way to get more as this is way less than my normal pay??

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    Default Re: Lost Finger Compensation?
    yes if you can show higher wages.

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    Default Re: Lost Finger Compensation?

    The State-wide AWW determines the max weekly benefit rate...for DOI post 01/01/2008 the max is $398.93 ...there is no change to the max number of weeks paid...450.
    The max for the year is #179,, no, you can't get a higher TTD rate even if you can show higher wages/earnings.

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    Default Re: Lost Finger Compensation?

    blw, sorry about the loss of your finger.
    Most settlements are based on future medical care, and sadly, an amputation of your sort will not require much future medical care, per say. Check out your state's laws so you are informed of all possible benefit information.
    Good luck

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