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    Angry Light Duty Problems

    my job has no light duty as a matter of fact my job is hard labor.If there isnt a light duty job description,can my job make up one just to make me work or do they have to let me off.

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    Default Re: Light Duty Problems

    That is all up to them.If they have a light duty job that meet your restrictions if any then maybe but they can say no we don't regardless of your abilities.And most seem to use the excuse"we're afriad you'll reinjure yourself".It's a quagmire that only you can answer.How have they treated you since injury,and how has this company had a history of letting others go when injured.Thats the questions you have to ask yourself and you'll more than likely get the answer yourself.Whether your employer keeps you on or not will have little impact on whether you accept the 5% rating or not or whether you get a second oppinion.Talk to you're attorney about a second oppinion.My attorney paid for it($500)and he'll be reimbursed in the end but it made a big difference because they(IC,ER's)try to cheat any way possable.

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