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    Question Light Duty

    What's next after the job say's they dont have light duty for me.

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    When your PTP releases you to RTW with light duty, your ER is mandated to make the 'reasonable acommodation' to bring you back to work...if that is not possible, you return to your PTP and he will make the determination on whether you are to continue with TTD statue, and your benefits will continue IF you have not reached a cap on those benefits.

    Once you are determined to be MMI, you ER is mandated to engage in the 'interactive process', a face to face sit down to determing IF there can be an accomodation if necessary, and if you can RTW in your pre injury capacity or another job that may be available.

    The ER is not required to keep your previous job open, or create a job for you if none is available....but there are provisions to protect your job in the WC statutes of TN...
    You can to to the web site.. and follow the link to FAQ's for find answers to many of your questions there...
    Here is the link to the ADA, where you'll find additional information on your RTW entitlements...

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