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    I'm having trouble deciding what to do. I got injured at work in Feb 08. It takes WC forever to do anything from scheduling an appointment, filing a script, getting an MRI approved. The WC doctor has been requesting a MRI for 3 months now. They have yet to schedule it. Another problem is that I haven't gotten any checks for about 2 months. They lie to me and say they've sent them out. My dilema is that I'd like to eventually return to my job once all is said and done even if I can't do my original job. The WC doctor is saying I'm going to have to get an attorney if I want things to get taken care of. He is mad at the insurance company b/c it's taking so long for everything. I didn't want to burn the bridges with my current employer, but I'm sure it would be the end if I obtained an attorney. The attorney wants to get paid and that means we'd have to settle with the insurance company. The WC doctor gave me a name of an attorney to use. Is that a good idea or do you think it's a scam? What would you do???
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