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    Question Retro-Active Pay? Does Anyone Know How It Works?

    My lawyer told me about retro active pay, has anyone ever received this? how does it work? My lawyer really isnt much on explaining to many things and we did discuss alot of different things at that meeting. Anyone give some insight on it??


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    Default Re: Retro-Active Pay? Does Anyone Know How It Works?

    States vary, but say you filed your claim for WC benefits under your ER's plan...and your claim is denied...whatever reason..

    But, TTD is due from the DOI/Date Of Injury...but not paid.
    Your AA takes the issue to the WC board/court/commission...and 'wins' the TTD for you...You will receive the ''back pay'' in a lump sum, and your AA is due his fee for getting the benefit paid for you...

    TTD is ''wage replacement'' while you recover from your injury/illness...
    It is not the same as receiving ''lost wages''...

    The AA is also due a fee at the end of your claim/case..based on the amount of your award/settlement.

    Here is an overview of WC in MI...

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