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    I was injured at work 3 weeks ago dropped a box of flooring on my foot, didnt file an accident report just thought i bruised my foot...Well i kept having pains in my foot and the other day had it xrayed and my foot is fractured in 3 places. Is there a certain time that i can file a report, i was told i only had 24 hours to file the accident report. I mentioned about comp and they say i couldnt do it. Is this true?

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    no it's not. you have 6 months to report a claim. you should do it in writing.
    you can use this form
    If you don't get a response in a reasonable amount of time you can get help from the office of judges

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    i know they gave me a form to fill out about taking a medical leave...and im gonna do that if possible, the doc said it will take about 4-5 weeks to completley heal

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    The laws and regulations state that an employee has 48 hours to report an injury. Any report after lessens the crediabilty in ruling it a compensible claim.

    If the injury is due to and arising out of employment and the ER or Employee files it with a private insurance could be considered as fraud. When you receive a work injury, you must file a First Report of Injury form. Below is some links that will help you decide the appropiate course to take:

    good luck

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