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    Red face How Long Does It Take to Get Settlement?

    I signed settlement papers about 5 or 6 weeks ago. How long does this process usually take? About how long until I receive my money?

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    Default Re: How Long Does It Take to Get Settlement?

    did you have a hearing in front of a wc judge to sign your c&r.

    if that occurred, then the ic has 30 days to issue you a check, unless the ic has appealed your case.

    also, after 30 days and the wc judge already approved it, then you can get the judge to get award penalties and interest applied on top of the judgment. The ic cannot drag its feet on this, but some ic wait till the 29th day to send out the check, as they are getting interest on the money that they would shell out to you.

    if you haven't been in front of a wc judge for the c&r, nothing is finalized until he/she signs the agreement.

    hope you happy with your settlement as I am happy with mine.
    hifisi, an injured worker that will do his best to answer your questions

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