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    Default Will My Anxiety Claim Effect Future Employment?

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: California

    I filed a claim with ,my employer due to an OCD i had developed from my job where i would need to check things again and again to make sure the job task i had done was left 'safe'.i lived with this for months until it made my job impossible. my employer told me a WC claim would be best if i thought the condition was caused by my job, which i did..

    The claim was disputed, (which is normal in a anxiety type of case i've heard), and i went on to see a QME who said he was leaning toward a report without a permanent disability rating, but with a restriction to work the job which may have partially caused the condition..which seems like a fair report.

    My question is this...
    Im in college getting my teaching credential...Will this effect my chances of becoming a teacher in the future?? is there a public record of a WC claim? am i doomed from my dream of becoming a teacher due to a condition that i have developed in a work place? i know its against the law to discriminate against anyone who has filed a claim, but there would be no way to know during an application process whether or not they have thrown out my resume because of this.. also, if i moved to another state, which im planning on doing soon, do they check WC records of other states??

    can someone please give me some insight on public records and how much water they hold for other employers, etc....

    thanks, JIM

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    Default Re: Will My Anxiety Claim Effect Future Employment?

    Workers compensation claims and settlements are NOT public record UNLESS both parties agree or a new claim is opened at a different employer. State laws differ, and if your case produces tort law...well. Often times there is the question on the employment application which you choose how to answer. Tell the truth, it's easier to sleep at night.
    Injured worker learning to live again. Not a lawyer, just a disabled individual with an opinion a person can opt to listen to or ignore.

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    Default Re: Will My Anxiety Claim Effect Future Employment?

    easy OCD.
    are you trying to worry about something you can't control anyway?
    you should not work outside your medical restrictions.
    to that extent your injury and claim will affect your future employment.

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