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    Question Settlement Amount?

    I know there lot's of questions like this but I was wondering if anyone could help me? I was injured in Texas and worked out of Tulsa OK and filed in OK.

    I broke the two bones in lower left leg,fractured left wrist bones and a fractured eye socket. I know of the payment charts but not very good at them.

    I would have to say my wrist is 80% of range and 80% on ankle. my eye socket fracture healed but my eye sits a little lower now but don't affect my vision.

    I know its impossible to know but a low ball guess will help. What amount of partial disability benefits do you guys think I might get?

    I read some where that the avg in OK was $22,000

    thanks in advance Bill
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    Default Re: Settlement Amount?

    Bill.....I dont think there is any way to even guess at your settlement amount.....if that is your main focus I would imagine it would be low ....The figure you mentioned seemed to be very low considering your injuries and possible future medical needs. Learn more about your rights and how a settlement affects your future. One of the regulars will chime in im sure!

    Good luck


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    Talking Re: Settlement Amount?

    I would be happy with $22,000 after the lawers 20%

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    Default Re: Settlement Amount?

    The OK web site is not really 'user friendly' in determining what your benefits are ...

    Awards/settlements in general, are based on your condition at the time your doctors feel that you have reached MMI/Max Medical Improvement.... a evaluation will be done per the disability guides used in OK.
    Once there is an impairment rating...usually a "whole person impairment'...WPI %, you can get an estimate of your potential award amount.

    The charts do provide for what those dollar amounts are...
    While it would be impossible to determine what your WPI/PD rating would be...and from what you describe, 80% would seem a 'bit' high.
    The rating are not based on the limited ROM as you suspect...
    At any rate, the indemnity charts provide for about 5 weeks of payments for each 1% of the rating...So... IF you were to be rated at 80% that would be 400 weeks...or a $115,600 'award'.... (don't look for that kind of money yet...)

    Talk to your AA about your settlement issues...or to the ombudsman at the WC commission/court, those will continue to provide the most relevant information to your case.

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    Question Re: Settlement Amount?

    Sorry I confused U all im +80% range of motion ankle wrist.

    so 20% WPI/PD rating

    not sure how to judge my fractured eye socket?
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