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    Question Settlement After Rotator Cuff and Bicep Surgery

    Okay, long story short. workcomp case. Had to have rotator cuff impingement (I think that was it) and bicep debridement done as well. Injury was 2 months ago. 5 weeks of seeing doc finally got mri. surgery schedule performed (all aspects of care) at the place I am also employed. Company hired replacement for me. Went to HR to see if there was any help for my personal bills and was called later to say that work comp would be calling me with an offer?? What could this mean? I didn't hire an attorney or ever suggested that I would hire one. I just wanted to know if there was anything they could do to help with the bills. I am getting $280 a week but still cant pay my bills. I am confused with all of this work comp business. I was never given a rule book or such. I just found out I have no health insurance because I didn't pay it but was never told I was to keep making payments. LOTS of questions if anyone is on that can help!


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    Default Re: Had Rotator Cuff and Bicep Surgery - Settlement? NEED HELP ASAP

    If your employment is covered by the Family &Medical Leave Act your job is protected for up to 12 weeks and you are to be given the COBRA option for health care.
    Ask your employer for FMLA information or check the US Dept Of Labor website.
    In addition to wage replacement funds Workers comp also provided additional disability payments for those with serious injuries who are left with permanent impairments.
    You do not have to have an atty to be entitled to these payments. You can find out more about Tennessee's work comp program here

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