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    Default Looking Up a Workers Comp Case Online

    I was reading that you can look up your work comp case online? I have a copy of all my records requested from all doctors I have seen, are there other records or things you can view about your case online? What about work comp notes and records, can you request these like doc records? Oh, what about the assigned nurses notes, I would love to see those . Basically looking for routes on getting all documentation for work comp case. Idaho

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    Default Re: Work Comp Case Online?

    recheck your sources; Idaho Industrial Commission does not have online access.

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    Default Re: Work Comp Case Online?

    No, There are no resources in Idaho to look at your claim online. I just found this forum, and I have quite a bit of knowledge about the work comp system in Idaho and would love to help anyone that needs it. I am NOT on the adjusters side, but I have been certified by the State of Idaho as a Worker's Comp Specialist...if I can help...just let me know

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    Default Re: Work Comp Case Online?

    Welcome Bluetigereyes, your help will be appreciated.

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