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    Default Doctors Who Except Workers Comp. Ins

    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: minnesota, I moved to Arizona. For 6 yrs. I saw a great doctor, who helped with the pain management and any referrels I needed. One day he left with no referrel to any patients and stop seeing us. I found a doctor who was willing to help with pain manegement. after a year, he too just left with no referrels to other dr. I can not find a Doctor who will take a workers comp. patients. I am in big trouble here and in a serious medical situation. anyone Know of a Doctor who will take a new patiant on. please let me know. Arizona

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    Doris, you should call the State Medical Board ins AZ, and MAKE A COMPLAINT AGAINST THESE DOCTORS.....I am not sure what the laws are in AZ, but here in CA, any Doctor MUST give the patient 30 days WRITTEN NOTICE that they will no longer be treating. This is MADATORY and part of a Doctor's duty to allow their patients TIME to complete a "transfer of care" to a NEW physician. Failure to do so could possibly be grounds for MALPRACTICE against these Pyhsicians!

    I am SURE that the Medical Board would be MOST interested in speaking with just MIGHT be that the MED BOARD has ADDITIONAL complaints against these MDs that they are pursuing...there are STRICT guildelines that Pain Docs MUST adhere to if they are PRESCRIBING CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES....

    When you DO find a NEW Pain Doctor, CHECK WITH THE MEDICAL BOARD in your State to be SURE that the Pain Doc is in GOOD STANDING .....Yoiu might try calling the nearest Teaching University Hospital in your area, and call the head of the Anesthesia Department to see who THEY have on staff who is a QUALIFIED Pain Managment Anesthesiologist, who can not only prescribe, but can perform the necessary medical procedures that your condition may require for pain control, like blocks, etc...

    Good Luck, and keep us posted!

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