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    Default Workman's Comp Nightmare

    In June 2008 I was injured helping a client. I injured my back and neck a client ran me over with a wheel chair. I immediately notified my supervisor who kept me on the road for the rest of the day. I came in at the end of my shift, spoke to a supervisor who ordered me to fill out accident report per policy & procedures. I was in pain and really did not want to fill it out because I did not want to deal with all the drama of W/C, but I was ordered to. I did so as I was on probation.

    I was off the next day and used a lot of ice and Motrin. I went to work the following day 2 days. On the second day of returning to work I was barley able to walk and another supervisor made me go see the W/C doctor, I insisted that I take a sick day and they told me no. I went to see their W/C DR and he could not take X-rays he had no tech and I ended up waiting until 2 days later for x-rays, in the mean time he put me on 3 pills and released me to work driving. I went back a week later and he said films were ok nothing broke. About 1 week later the pain was atrocious I ended up wetting myself and no feeling in my legs. W/C DR was on vacation and his PA sent me for an MRI of my lumbar showed a hernia ion at L3/L4 and gave me shots of muscle relaxer sometimes twice a day for 1 week. He ordered therapy and a brace for my back, Flexural and a stronger pain meds and 4 hour days. During this time my neck was so stiff and unable to move it along with my back made life a living hell. I took no time off from work. Main W/C dr returned from Vacation and felt it might be cervical and sent me to a neck Dr. Who immediately said I had Cervical Myleopothy and needed surgery to fuse c/4 c/5 after MRI & emg of neck. Had them done he cancelled therapy on back and said surgery next week. Said my back was another issue and he was treating me for it, that all the pain and numbness was not related to my neck.

    W/C would not approve until they investigated all my medical records, this was at the end of June, I had intermittent Dr's office visits always complained about my back and legs and he kept telling me that it had nothing to do with my neck and that I still had restrictions and needed surgery if I have to pay for it myself. W/C returned me to full time 8 hours days sitting at a computer. October I saw W/C Dr showed him left leg and he freaked out as it was 3 times the size and said that it might be a blood clot and said it was my fault I waited, he got a report from a medical profiler who said MCC was 51 % not work related and that W/C was going to deny my claim and after complaining about back he finally gave me a script for my back for therapy, a pain management Dr and a referral to a Vascular surgeon telling me that none of this was covered under W/C. Go figure. I was diagnosed with a DVT of my left leg and have to give myself heparin shots and take coumadine it stopped just behind my knee. He told me unless I decided to have surgery there would be no more office visits.

    1 week later I went for an IME their doctor again, who indicated that if I decided to have surgery he would gladly do it, mind you I still can't walk and am in extreme pain.

    I was sent home from work the following week with no explanation till 4 hours later telling me that the W/C denied my surgery and I had to take a physical and return to full duty. I called IME dr, he indicated that he has not finished his report because he needed more films and could not understand how they came to that conclusion. MMI/PIR 0%. What does this mean I healed.

    I have a lawyer but all's they do is file petitions. 4 months of no medical attention, no therapy, now no more Dr, and I have to pass a physical to keep my job, I can't bend over, lift stand or sit to long, can't turn or bend my neck, I can barely walk and a Blood Clot in my left leg that almost killed me. I can’t get therapy with out a Dr, so when we look at the poster of the woman in a cast I laugh about how much they care. In order to pass the physical I need no restriction releases from W/C Dr, he said no problem, after 4 1/2 months of restrictions. When I get it I'll be shocked. And he still wants to do surgery but I have to use my own insurance.

    I feel if I pass any physical I know they will fail me no matter what. Some justice huh. Criminals have more rights than the injured, all the Dr's said any whiplash type injuries I could be paralyzed.

    Any assistance either medically or legally would be appreciated.
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    Default Re: Workman's Comp Nightmare

    hi wow i am dealing with florida workers comp have heard its the worst in the usa . i have no advice really except make sure u got a good lawyer let them fire you ans sue the hell out of them

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