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    My workers compensation claim was made in the State of: alaska
    I was injured on the job and have been under workers comp for almost a year i was sent by liberty northwest to star medical in Oregon for a ime no doubt after a 10 min look over i knew they were nothing but company doc's and sent in that i was medical stable and a 1% impairment rating and now they have cut off my benefits my doctor has not said i was stable yet and i was still in phys therapy i have nerve damage in my right arm and a ruptured disk that so far my doc said dose not need surgery but i have pain and numbness in my right arm and and leg and pain in my back how can a ime doc give a 1% just by looking at me and checking my range of motion i have 165LB of grip in my left hand and 80LB in my right and i am right handed and he never checked any grip or weakness any help would be great.

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    first welcome to our forum, I do understand you said you have a ruptured disc and also nerve damage. The problem with that statement is it is subjective just like your grip strength. What you need is objective findings: things such as EMG which would show radicularopathy and which nerve is involved, MRI which would show which disc. these are objective and are what you need. the insurance co wouldnt be doing their job if they didnt do everything in thier power to get rid of us for as little cost as possible.

    Have you had any of the above tests done? If so what were the findings. Do you have a lawyer?

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    when there are differing medical opinions you can take the matter to the comp court for a decision.
    File a 6106

    for more information

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    Thanks for the reply and yes i have had both a mri and and emg and the mri showed a bulge at L5 towards the the nerves and the emg showed reduced signal from the neck down doc sail had a Brachial Plexus injury and it would heal within a year and may not heal 100%.

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