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    Default How Does a Lawyer Get Paid After Settlement?

    i have settled and have "lifetime med on my leg" i needed another operation on my knee that i got settlement for. but inorder to get any of the doctors bills paid i have to go thru my lawyer. how does he get paid here? then he is talking about i will have to go to back to maryland to be seen by their doctors. my accident was in maryland but i have moved to florida.does anyone know if they will be asking me to pay for this trip? how does anyone get a doctor to see you when you can't be sure when you are going to get his money? some many people have made such a big deal over "lifetime med" what good is it when i can't get any doctors to honor it or i have to live where iwif is for the rest of my life. it's like once you are a part of iwif you are together for life. i am going on my sixth year in this system i try and pay for the little things myself as to not have to deal with iwif. but operations i can't afford.

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    Default Re: How Does a Lawyer Get Paid After Settlement?

    If you have already 'settled' your claim, the AA is pretty much done... the fees have already been paid.

    As to "lifetime medical"... that isn't really what you have...
    What medical amounts to is, that treatment which is determined as 'medically necessary' and 'reasonable' on an industrial basis... that does not include any and all treatment your doctors feel is necessary.

    The ER/IC will use the medical guidelines as adopted by your state, and the UR process to make the determination to what really IS medically necessary to 'cure and/or relieve from the effects of your injury'... that may or may not amount to 'lifetime medical'...

    A complication always arises where the IW has left the state of the claim
    Finding doctors in FL that will agree to the rules/regs etc, of MD is difficult. Finding doctors that will write the necessary requests for treatment, and back them up with the necessary EBM/Evidence Based Medicine to prove the need for that treatment is sometimes another issue.

    IF you have to return to MD for any judicial hearing to get the medical award enforced, you will be paying out of your pocket for the trip.
    Unless your AA is willing to continue to help with enforcing the order of the agreement in your settlement... you are likely on your own.

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    Default Re: How Does a Lawyer Get Paid After Settlement?

    ok i hear you if that is the case about the part of me being alone to fight for whatever medical i have then why does iwif refuse to deal with me and i am quoting them " only will talk thru my atty."? then once i found a way to be seen by a doctor my lawyer called me himself asking a whole lot of info. i can count on three fingers the amount of times i have talked to him directly and i have always called him. he has called me once and that was when it was time to settle. so 2 +2 = he thinks theres some money here. which makes no sense to me. anyway you stated i would have to pay for hearings i asked about doctors visits.

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